Sadie is a multi-published author, signed to Whisky and Beards Publishing, and has produced her own spoken word album. You can purchase them by clicking on the images.

Life Behind Bards (2020)

Life Behind Bards is a poetry anthology focussing on the voices of working and lower-working class writers. It looks at their backgrounds and life experiences, and how their class status has impacted on these.  

Life Behind Bards is available on Soundcloud

You can find out more about the project here.


The Poverty Guide Handbook (2019)

Join Sadie Davidson as she unravels the world of the underclass, the reality of life on the breadline and how government policy has let all this happen. Combining Sadie’s trademark rapid-fire verse alongside personal, researched and insightful essays, The Poverty Guide Handbook

Tales from the Estate (2018)

Tales From The Estate is Sadie Davidsons first poetry collection. It contains poems which describe her childhood in a high rise council flat, her thoughts on “Broken Britain”, and her fury at the exclusion and isolation of the lower social classes. Many of the poems in Tales From The Estate were written while Sadie was homeless, and living with her family in a hostel.

Council House and Silent (2017)

Council House and Silent” is the raw and unsettling debut spoken word album from urban performance poet and poetry slam champion Sadie Davidson. 

Recorded at home in her airing cupboard after spending months in a hostel with her partner and two small children, “Council House and Silent” is a truthful, heartbreaking and highly provocative window in to life in Britain’s underclass. 

“Council House and Silent” offers more than simply “Poverty Porn’ -beneath the gritty realism and rage at a failing system is an inspiring message of fulfilment, resilience, and the reminder that “you can get out if you fight”. 

According to Spoken word promoters, Sadie Davidson “Bites with lightning like fury and machine gun delivery” and has been described as “An absolute spoken word beast” as well as “Furious and unstoppable”.